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A fun box for learning the letters of the alphabet and protected animal species.


The ABÉCÉDAIRE box is priced at 45 €, it includes: a large pocket protecting the cards / 26 A5 format cards (21x15cm). The pouch is made of eco-friendly cotton ethically made in India. The shipping packaging is COMPOSTABLE in corn starch or in a kraft pouch.

26 square illustrated cards with rounded edges with the corresponding letter on the back written in upper and lower case, in cursive letters and script letters.

A matte finish for a soft touch and handling. 

. Professional printing in France, in Aubagne, Imprim'vert.

. 350g thick mat paper / rounded edges

I am available for any question by email

Packaging suppliers:  and MiracoStudio on Etsy.

Box of 26 alphabet cards

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